The New Moon is a potent time each month when the lunar cycle begins, and the night sky is velvety dark in the absence of the Moon’s luminescence. This lunar phase is symbolic of rich fertile earth awaiting the seeds of new intention and potential.  This New Moon of March 27th, 2017 at 7º Aries is special in that it is also the first New Moon in the beginning of a new Zodiacal Cycle- the time of year when the Sun passes from the twelfth sign of watery, spiritual Pisces back into the first sign of Fiery, driven Aries.  The shift in energies may be extra palpable this year, as there is a lot of planetary activity accompanying the the Sun’s presence through both signs.

The configurations of this New Moon invite us into the first rush of spring energy.  Aries is symbolic of the enormous vital energy required of the tiny little sprout as it pops up through the soil into the warmth of the Sun after a long winter.  Normally during this time we may feel renewed and ready to move forth with gusto- yet this particular Aries Season is also colored by the lovely lady Venus in retrograde.  She is currently taking her journey backward through the zodiac through Aries and then dipping her toes into the last degrees of Pisces. Interestingly, Venus Retrograde will be overlapping with the next Mercury retrograde that begins in the earthy fixed sign of Taurus, then also back tracks into– you guessed it- Aries! Okay, so that might sound like a big ol' double retrograde whammy– but don’t panic.  This simply indicates that all that amazing fresh vital energy that usually wants to rush forward without a second thought may just be better utilized and harnessed to reflect inwardly upon our relationships, self-love, self-worth, as well as personal and collective value systems. 

During this Venus retrograde time, from March 4th to April 15th, the collective energy is inviting us to really slow down and take stock of relationship- especially the one with ourselves. In doing so, we may be surprised, delighted, horrified, [or, more likely a combination of all three!] at what we find.  As our closest relationships reflect light into the corners of ourselves we usually cannot– or wish not to– see clearly, we are faced with some choices.  How do we respond to being confronted with the parts of self that are challenging or painful to be with? We could judge, criticize, and push those parts of ourselves away, perpetuating the patterns of pain and suffering…. OR we can gently presence them, get curious about them, tend to them, comfort them– LOVE THEM.  We can watch them transform and blossom as they are touched by our loving kindness. We all have places inside of us that are wounded.  That believe they aren’t enough.  That are convinced they are unworthy.  That are scared to death of being rejected.  That learned early on they were not welcomed by others.  THESE are the parts of self that need our love the most.  I wonder what our world would be like if we were all more gentle and loving with ourselves? Let’s try it and find out, shall we? ;) 

(If you’d like to learn more about the nitty gritty details of this current Venus Retrograde, you can find them in this article [] I co-authored with my mentor, colleague, and dear friend Henry Seltzer. I will be putting out a Mercury Retrograde article soon, as well.)

I wonder what our world would be like if we were all more gentle and loving with ourselves?

Okay, so back to the Aries New Moon: There is potential for BIG break-throughs, intuitive hits, profound epiphanies, and brilliant insights around this New Moon time.  Tune in.  Listen deeply.  Trust your intuition and the wisdom of your Soul's Intent.  As new openings and potentials for growth appear to you, it may be wise to capture the essential feeling tone and information as they come through.  Just as a download flashes through the ethers and into your awareness, so too could it disappear as quickly as it came.  It is, therefore, crucial to re-organize, ground and integrate any new insights or healing into your belief systems, rational mind, somatic experience, etc. This process may require us to expand our perspectives and approaches, particularly (and maybe paradoxically) around Saturnian themes of personal responsibility, boundaries, and structure.  It is through the principles of structure, practice, and discipline that we may find more liberation and freedom.  As we own or take responsibility for our piece of a challenging relational dynamic, we release ourselves from the purgatory of victimhood.  As we make a practice of transforming negative self-talk into self-compassion, we become liberated from shame and guilt. As we practice meditation and mindfulness, we free ourselves from endless mind chatter.  


My 'Astro-Recommendations' for this New Moon:

Set your intentions clearly and concretely this moon cycle. Share them with trusted allies, or write them down and place them on your altar. Even with all the retrograde slow down, the speed at which the intangible is manifesting into form is lightning quick, so you’ll want to do some extra “alignment checks” with your asks and wishes (ie, are they in support of your and all beings’ highest good?)  Choose your words with great care, as there is a degree of volatility and unpredictability.  As challenges do arise, take heart that they are presenting themselves as gifts for your greatest growth and transformation.   Above all, remember there is infinite resource available to you when you open yourself up to the vast beauty of the cosmos, and rest into the support and wisdom of the sweet Earth beneath your feet.  These times are intense. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other.


New Moon Prayers:  May we each learn to love all the pieces of ourselves– especially the ones that are hurting.  May we collectively bring forth and integrate new potentials in support of the highest good. May all beings feel safe and free.”

New Moon Mantra:   “When I love me, I am free.


May the stars ever align in your favor,

Leslie Bee

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