I am proud to be a contributing astrologer at, where I also am an integral part of the team in marketing, content creation, and graphic design. The following are the astrology articles and forecasts I’ve written (and created the images for, as well.)

My wish and prayer is that they may provide insight and guidance for you! Enjoy!


A Leo Lunar Eclipse of Awakened Creativity — 1/20/2019

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo that graces our skies on January 20th, at 9:16pm Pacific time, comes with certain fascinating and potent astrological configurations. To begin with, because taking place in the very first degree of the Sun’s and Moon’s respective signs of Aquarius and Leo, it brings our awareness to the symbolism of Leo, which invites forth any aspects of self that crave bold expression, creative flow, and fierce individuality…


First Quarter Moon in Aries: Bold Alignment with Truth — 1/13/2019

The recent First Quarter Moon, having taken place late evening January 13th/ early morning January 14th, represents an exciting lunation. With the Sun in close conjunction with transformative Pluto, and the Moon in square, personal change is in the air. This phase in any case denotes the time each cycle when the Moon is waxing (growing) from dark into light, and comes to the halfway point between the dark of the New Moon and the brightness of the Full Moon. Symbolically this time of the lunar cycle is likened to the phase in a growing cycle when the plant sprouts its first leaves…


A Solstice Full Moon of Magic and Nourishment — 12/21/2018

A very special Cancer Full Moon is gracing our skies this December 22nd, and it falls just hours after the Capricorn Solstice. The Winter Solstice (or Summer solstice for those in the Southern hemisphere) is when the Sun reaches its southern-most position in our sky, and thus is the shortest day in the North, and longest day in the South. It marks a turning point for the yearly cycle, and is celebrated as a time for earth honoring, ceremony and ritual. Then, too, the Full Moon is symbolic and indicative of fruition, culmination and abundance…


Mercury Retrograde Nov 2018: Minds Blossoming into Possibility — 11/16/18

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that has become notorious for missed connections, miscommunications, malfunctioning electronics, travel snafus, fender benders, etc. Among the seeming drawbacks and headache-inducing circumstances, however, Mercury Retrograde periods are also a time when greater awareness and mindfulness can be employed to connect with a more esoteric level of information, uncovering rich potentials for reflection, renewing, slowing down, and resting in meditative silence in order to attune to inner realities. These themes are encouraged now, during this RE-trograde period, along with anything beginning with 're.' Re-organize, reflect, relax, re-communicate, re-prioritize, rewind…


Heliacal Rise of Venus — 11/1/2018

The Goddess of Relationship and Earthly Delight, Venus, is at a pivotal moment in her journey now, as measured against her alignment with the Sun. This is known as her “synodic cycle” and for us here on Earth, there is much magic and beauty in reflecting upon her cycles and movements as she dances with the Sustainer of our little blue planet. Venus represents our social fabric, the way we connect with and love one another, the earthly realm of materiality and embodiment, our core values, self worth, and the way that we appreciate and are attracted to beauty…


A Taurus Full Moon of Freedom from the Past — 10/24/2018

Wednesday morning’s Full Moon in Taurus, taking place on October 24, a week from Halloween, brings a startling element of intuitive understanding amidst introspective recognition of relationship mechanisms and internal wounding. These are powerful culminating energies that illuminate magnetism, mystery, and the vast spectrum of earthly experience. The Moon is exalted in earthy Taurus, and as she comes to her maximum brightness there, opposite the Sun that has just entered the transformative and watery depths of Scorpio, the Moon conjuncts Uranus almost exactly. Uranus is now in Taurus, but only until November 6th, when slipping back into Aries for a return engagement there…


Mercury Retrograde July 2018: Rediscovering Soul Radiance — 8/25/2018

Mercury is significant for spoken and written communications, thought processes, and the stories and meaning we’re constantly making for ourselves and for each other. When it goes into retrograde motion, there is a slowing, and an inward turning, a reflective, alchemical process that is taking place. When we can attune our awareness to that process, we can utilize and harness this energy for our development and growth. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is notorious for all the classic pitfalls of miscommunications, plans going awry, technological breakdowns, and so on, but this time is also a rich one for self-reflection, and for pausing to take stock of our lives and our world…


Full Moon in Capricorn: Depth Woven into Light — 6/27/2018

The Capricorn Full Moon of June 27th, at 6 plus degrees, offers us some powerful opportunities to ground our visions into very practical no-nonsense structures. The Full Moon is in any case the time in the cycle when lunar light culminates and is at its turning point from waxing to waning back to darkness. It is a time brimming with rich potentials for harvest when we attune our awareness to them. In this case, the Moon’s conjunction with Saturn announces a focus on structure, strategies, and plans, provided we can slow down and bring ourselves present with what is being offered. This is no high apple pie in the sky Full Moon. With sobering Saturn less than a degree away, it’s time to take it slow, and be gentle but also very real with ourselves…


Uranus in Taurus: Revolutionizing Collective Culture & Realigning Individual Values — 5/15/2018

Uranus holds a very special place in the solar system as far as we earthlings are concerned. It was the first planet to be discovered after ancient times, and thus marks a symbolic breakthrough into new territory both for our solar system and our collective psyche. In 1781 British astronomer William Herschel was conducting an astronomical survey, and it was actually by accident that he discovered Uranus was a planet (it had been observed by other astronomers, but he was the first to realize it was a planet). The discovery of a more distant planetary body than Saturn, which in past centuries signified the “ring pass not” of the furthest planet, represents an important transition and symbology for human consciousness. Uranus was named after the Greek God of the sky, also sometimes known as Father Sky, in another nod to his symbolic kindred nature with Gaia, or Mother Earth…